Landscape design and build

“We believe that people make the most of life when they  live in a great landscape.”

At Auckland landscaping company Form & Foliage, we design and build stunning landscapes.  The ultimate aim of our landscape designers is to purposefully create outdoor spaces that become places where you can make the most of life, be it entertaining family and friends, having a place for the kids to play or simply to relax and enjoy. Our designed landscapes are functional and easy to maintain ensuring you have the time to enjoy a better lifestyle.  And because we design and build our landscapes, you can be confident that what you see on your concept plan is what you get in real life. 


What are the 5 key advantages of having your landscape designed?

  •  You will achieve a beautiful, functional, low-maintenance landscape that is in harmony with your  lifestyle and the  architecture of your home or building.
  •  You will add a great deal more value to your property as a result of using our professional landscaping services.
  •  You’ll eliminate the costly risk of having to do things twice or wishing you had done things differently.
  •  Your  project will be priced and built according to the landscape concept plan.
  •  Your landscape project  can be developed in logical stages to suit your budget.

Professional landscaping and the  New Zealand garden

Our outdoor spaces have come a long way since they were simply known as ‘backyards’, to become today’s entertainment hubs. 

Over the years, the role of the New Zealand garden has transformed itself from being merely a space for greenery into an outdoor extension of our indoor living spaces; a space that’s capable of reflecting our individual lifestyles and the architecture of our homes and buildings; a landscape for people and living.

By picking up on the cues of your home or building’s architecture and layout, and listening to what matters most to you in your life, our professional landscape designer  will design an underlying structure for your garden that will make the overlay of your unique lifestyle possible.

Like putting the right frame around a beautiful painting, there is no substitute for great landscape design for achieving a functional, seamlessly integrated indoor-outdoor connection that enables you to make the most of the way you want to live your life.

A professional landscaping service delivers bespoke solutions

While our landscape designs at Form & Foliage are characteristically Kiwi in their relationship with their surroundings, each one of our clients and their gardens is unique. 

Not only will our landscape professionals create an innovative design solution that’s tailored to suit the unique architecture of your home or building and its environment – and your individual lifestyle – but they will also deliver a cost-effective solution that adds value and visual appeal to your property, irrespective of the size of your project or budget.

To unlock the true potential of your landscape so you can live the life you desire, talk to our professional landscape designers in Auckland today.  We’re just a phone call away.